At the heart of it all in Poznań

St John Park Complex is a new place to live and work in one of the most appealing neighbourhoods in the city.




Malta Lake Thermes/Spa/Sports Center

Lake Malta, know also the Maltanski Reservoir, is an artificial lake in Poznań, Poland. It was formed in 1952 as a result of the damming of the Cybina River. It is about 2.2 km long, which makes the lake the biggest man-made lake of the city. The water is 3.1 m deep on average with a maximum of about 5 m.

There are a number of recreational attractions along the edge of the lake including:

an artificial ski slope,

an artificial ice rink,

a zoological garden with many exotic animals,

Kolejka Parkowa Maltanka - a narrow gauge railway,

the Mound of Freedom,

seasonal bikes rental - MaltaBike

The lake also has one of the oldest man-made rowing venues in Europe - The Malta Regatta Course. This dates back to 1952 and ahas held a number of Rowing World Cup events. It also hosted the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in 1990 and 2001m, and did so again in 2010. The lake also gives its name to the Malta theatre festival, held in Poznań  annually in June, with some of the shows taking place next to the lake.

St John Park Residential and Business Complex is located next to the heart of the city in Kommandoria, Malta Area, Poznan. Kommandoria is one of the most vibrant and enticing parts of Poznan, and is perfectly placed both geographically and commercially.

St John Park Complex is only a short walk away from one of Poznan’s largest and most beautiful parks, Malta Lake and recreation sites with an artificial lake often called Europe’s "prettiest kayaking and rowing track".



The Sports Center also features an all-year-long ski and sledging slope, a mini-golf course, and a bowling and boules park. The newest investment is Malta Thermes - an aqua-park supplied with thermal waters.

Poznan Zoo is also located in Malta Area and features many exotic species as well as an aquarium, a reptile house and an aviary.

With excellent transport connections and easy access to some of Poznan's best restaurants, hotels and shopping streets, the area has an engaging history as a place of business, commerce and creativity. It is the perfect location for a landmark new development that embraces this local heritage while offering 21st century design and services.




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